1, Fireplace, 2, Fireplace, 3, Fireplace, 4… These Parade Homes have Platinum Fireplaces Galore!

Sawtelle Platinum Quartz Blend 37

We have fireplaces of all shapes and sizes; short, tall, big, small, wide, narrow, to the mantel, or to the ceiling.

Platinum 72

Platinum Squares, Platinum Ledgestone, Platinum Blends, whatever platinum look your are going for, we have a photo of a fireplace here for you, today.


Sawtelle Platinum Quartz Blend 30


And we have photos from several different parades; Salt Lake City 2015, and Utah Valley 2014.

Platinum 85

In many different styles and settings. From modern to craftsman to rustic styles in living rooms, basements, bedrooms, and places of play.


Platinum 40


If you like the platinum let us know, shout out in the comments below.

That’s what they’re there for!

Platinum Ledgestone 04

Or if you’re thinking of the platinum for your home, stop by one of our HHDU Stone Division & Design Centers today!

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