Putting white on your exterior? Let’s talk LVR

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Have you considered a white exterior? If you have, you probably know that it goes much deeper than just picking the brightest white. Because white is trending this year, we thought we would talk about what should be considered when selecting the perfect white applications.

What is LVR?

Let’s talk about LVR. Light reflectance value, also known as LVR, is a major aspect to consider when selecting a white exterior. This value helps us determine how the light will reflect or absorb based on the surface and how light or dark the color will be. The lighter the paint color, the higher the LVR. Based on a scale of 1-100, a number value provides the user knowledge about how the light will reflect. Materials with considerably high LVR will be in the 60-100 range. The better you understand LVR, the easier it is to select white exterior applications. Paints and stones with high LVR will often become blinding in bright sunlight. Suppliers often provide spec sheets with the information to find out the LVR.

Why is it important to consider LVR?

High reflective colors don’t absorb light. Because of this, the light will bounce off the surface and become redirected. Exteriors with high LVR have a greater chance of bouncing and reflecting surrounding and supporting colors. While many homes won’t have an issue, we occasionally see white homes color appear different because it’s bouncing supporting colors off the surface.

What to do next

So you might wonder how you can manipulate your LVR to give off a “true white” color. The first thing to consider is the fact that there is no such thing as a “true white”. Every white will have a variety of undertones. Going into selecting a white with an understanding of undertones will help you create a cohesive color palette. Because every white will have a different undertone, we recommend your exterior sub-contractor paint up a 3×3 sample for final approval. Our eyes will view colors differently based on other surrounding applications. Because of this, we recommend you view the white in direct sunlight with all other major material (Ex. Stone, stucco, Hardie, roofing, etc.) From there, consider how the exterior lighting will hit the applications of your home. The biggest take away that we recommend, is to do your research. Understand how the elements will work in favor of each other rather than against them.

Here are a few of our favorite white homes that used LVR to their advantage:

Feel overwhelmed by all of this new information? We want to help! Our designers are equipped with the knowledge to help you select the perfect exterior colors for your needs. Come into our design centers and showrooms to get started!

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