Remodeling your interior can sometimes seem like a major undertaking. The key is to start small. 
For instance, if you’re thinking of remodeling your interior, try remodeling your fireplace or putting a fireplace in where they hasn’t been one is a perfect first step.  

Using stone to tie in natural aspects and create a focal point for the room, can take your plain and simple living space to a gathering place. 

Whether your current fireplace is granite, or tile, or some brick from the 1960s, we have some great options when you’re looking to upgrade. 

Or maybe you just have a plain old fireplace. One with the old-school brass trim and nothing really eye-catching about it.
Upgrade the unit, add some gorgeous natural stone and voila!
Check us out on Houzz or drop by one of our HHDU stone divisions and design centers for more ideas.

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