55bbd39a-dbb4-46fc-a214-1159d15a6cfaThis Salt Lake City Parade Home’s take on the modern prairie house, changing up the stone style and some of the textures that are typically done on this style of home is a load of rule-bending awesomeness! The Ridgestone style found in the Harristone brand, is a versatile stone style with the authenticity of your average field-ledge type pattern. The color they chose in the Ridgestone is also very versatile with a variety of shades, tones and value of color ranging for warm to cool with lots of neutral and light to dark with lots of medium colors. They also used a lot of contrast in the other elements of their exterior to really make it stand out against the competition and stand out as one gorgeous and unique home exterior.


55bbd39e-eaa8-4c20-8df3-118dd15a6cfa Photo Aug 12, 9 10 12 AM

Photo Aug 12, 9 10 20 AM Photo Aug 12, 9 11 41 AM

Photo Aug 12, 9 10 56 AM

Photo Aug 12, 9 10 34 AM Photo Aug 12, 9 10 43 AM

Photo Aug 12, 9 11 13 AM 55bbd39d-b32c-46fe-bb51-117dd15a6cfa

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