Platinum 46


Platinum 47

The Platinum family of stone has been a hit among the parade home circuit for several years now and it never ceases to amaze us with its versatility and beauty.

It’s range and blend of silvers, grays, and charcoals, as well as rust type tone accents gives it the ability to go with a lot of different colors. And its smooth and lineal square and rectangular pattern and texture, the Squares & Recs, like pictured on this home, can be paired with many textures on many different styles of homes from craftsman to modern.

Any of the stones in the platinum family, squares and recs, ledgestone, fieldstone, blends of two or three of them, or blends incorporating other stones outside of this family make the perfect stone for many homes across the state and country.

Needless to say we think it has reached perfection on the front of this parade home as well.

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Platinum 57 Platinum 61

Platinum 64

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