Two years ago, the Sawmill natural stone blend made its debut in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. The mixture of style, texture, tone, and color was bold and unique and was a contributing factor to the awards won by this home that year.   
On this particular home, the homeowners chose to have their mason’s dry-stack the stone blend. 

This home below, decided to do the mortar joints instead of dry-stacking. And they used a natural grey color of grout for the mortar to emphasize the cool tones in the stone and contrast from the warm tones in the stone. This makes it take a cooler and neutral look overall but makes the warm colors pop. 
This last house, decided to go with a mortar joint instead of dry-stacking as well. However, instead of the natural grey mortar they used a very light brown dye mixture. This adds a little bit of color to the grout and makes the grout blend with and accentuate the warm and neutral tones, making the stone portions seem a bit warmer overall. This color also contrasts from the cool tones, like the grey and turquoise-blue colors you get in the quartz that is used in the blend, which ties the blues in the stone, in with the blue paint color used on the hardie shaker shingles.

Knowing what your stone will look like in different applications, paired with different colors, with different grout colors and styles, and in different lighting can be extremely helpful in the color selection process. Our Hearth & Home Stone Divisions & Design Centers have skilled professionals prepared with photo galleries on-site to help you through the process and show each of our stone and brick products on several different homes so that you are able to make a fully informed color selection.

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