Gray, Beige, Tan, Taupe, Green, Red, and Brown are just a few of the colors that come in the Shore Cliff coloring pattern. Its unique and vibrant blend of colors makes it easy to match and very difficult to clash with. This stone is like a gecko, it blends in with and coordinates with whatever other body colors and grout colors you might fancy to pair with it. 
For instance, here are just a few colors of homes we have seen it with.

Dark Charcoal-Brown
Light Taupe Green
Olive Green & Mauve

Neutral Tan

Bright White


Beige & Sage Green

Cream & Green 

As you can see, shore cliff has many shades and because of this can be paired with just about any other color. Don’t believe us? Bring your colors down to one of hour HHDU masonry divisions and design centers and see for yourself.

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