Sherwin Williams recently released their 2021 Color-mix Color Forecast, and as always, our designers are so exited! For the past several years we have covered the ins and outs of their color-mix. This year, along with reviewing these new color palettes, we have also added a few stones that we feel would pair well this the new tones!

Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Of the Year

To start off our Color Forecast review, let’s talk about the color of the year. In years past, Sherwin William’s color of the year becomes quite popular, and we expect nothing different for the upcoming year. Because of the design trends which we have seen, this color will be quite the showstopper. From year to year, Urbane Bronze has already been popular. So what will change this year?

Urbane Bronze Combines a warm gray and dark tone. This creates a beautiful contrasting look exterior, and a warm feel interior. One of our favorite elements about Urbane Bronze is the subtle gray undertone. Although it pulls primarily brown, it has the ability to look good with gray tones as well. Here are a few stones that we believe would complement Urbane Bronze beautifully.

Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze Swatch

Scheme 1: Sanctuary

2021 Sanctuary Color Scheme

Sanctuary is sophisticated, rich, and warm. Because of the contrast you see, Sanctuary brings an elegance that is unique to this scheme. With the moody, dark colors, contrasting with some lighter colors, sanctuary is a scheme that makes me think these colors were made to go together. The name is fitting, the colors are calming and make me feel safe wherever I stand. In an Interior Design standpoint, sanctuary accomplishes a feeling that many designers strive for. Here are a few Stones that we felt would compliment this color scheme:

Scheme 2: Encounter

Sherwin Williams 2021 Colormix - Encounter Color Scheme

Encounter has a sense of authenticity that is unique to this scheme. With muted but deep colors, encounter creates a sense of maturity. Because of the deep contrasting colors juxtaposed with the light muted tones, encounter creates a sense of nature. This scheme is something that you would “encounter” on a journey throughout the world. Encounter balances fun colors and a mature outlook. If this scheme speaks to you, here are a few stones that we feel would become a perfect pair:

Scheme 3: Continuum

Continuum Color Scheme

Continuum is bold, fun, and friendly. This triad color scheme is full of rich colors to create a sense of imagination. By definition, continuum means, “a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct”. The definition perfectly describes this color palette. With bright saturated colors contrasting against several neutrals, the Continuum Color scheme excites us for the new year! Here are a few stones that we felt would perfectly pair with these colors:

Scheme 4: Tapestry

2021 Colormix Tapestry Color Scheme

Tapestry encapsulates a maximilist lifestyle through its bold colors and variation of tones. With pastels, dark greens, and light muted blues, tapestry encapsulates diversity through color! This more eclectic palette gathers traditional basics and accents them with fun, new tones. A tapestry speaks of history, and this scheme does just that. This scheme shows all the classic colors in a new, modernistic view! Here are a few stones that we feel would pair well with this overall color palette:

With all these beautiful color pallettes we can’t help but reflect on last year’s wonderful Color Forecast! Read all about the 2020 trends and what we predicted them to be here: Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2020

For further details about Sherwin Williams Color trends, you can access their informative website here: Colormix Forecast 2021

Do you feel inspired by any of these 2021 color schemes? Our designers definitely do! And our staff is ready to help you find the best stone for your dream home! Get started by giving us a call or coming into one of our Design Centers and Showrooms!

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