Shutters offer a variety of purposes, including controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, to provide privacy or security, to protect against weather, unwated intrusion or damage, but typically, nowadays they are used to enhance the aesthetics of a building, or just for show. They can be used to add a contrasting color accent or to tie in a color better to your home exterior. Shutters come in several different options for colors, style, textures and material, just like stone or brick. 
The shutters in the photo above are wood and have been stained. See how they perfectly accent the darker tones in the stone and add a darker contrasting color to the exterior. 
If you stop by our Hearth & Home Stone Divisions & Design centers, you may find samples like these above to help you choose the shutters that are right for you. Shutters can come in wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or composite.  

Some people use black just for a popping accent against their stone or brick, others use it to match their roof shingle. Whatever the reason may be, don’t these homes look great with their stone, brick, & black shutters?

Another popular color for shutters right now is red. It gives a nice pop of color! 

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