All-White Kitchens are bright and airy and very simple. This current color trend can fit any style of home and brings a simple elegance to a space. However, sometimes all-white can be too much white and make a space so simple that it’s boring. Were here to the rescue though, with a few tips on how to spice up your all-white kitchen.

1. Adding a stone or brick accent wall that creates high contrast

Charcoal Shadowstone 2

2. Add a painted brick wall to add some pattern and texture…

Colorful dining chairs, vases, dishes, etc. can really liven up the space as well.


3. Put stone or brick on your island

kitchen 4

4. Or do a stone or brick backsplash

Old Virginia 55

All white kitchens are gorgeous, but don’t be afraid to make them a little interesting!

For other tips and information, stop by one of our HHDU Stone Divisions & Design Centers today!

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