As 2020 comes to a close we are reflecting on what has been in the stone & brick trends! Throughout history, masonry materials have always been a vital part of the building process. Now we see this element of design pay homage to the ancient building process. Although masonry provides no structural integrity to the building, it adds a level of authenticity that is unmatched. As you view the Stone & Brick Trends from this past year, we hope you find something to inspire your next home build!

Flint Hills Lueders

Flint Hills Lueders combines gray, white, and cream tones to create a light and airy stone. It pairs well with a variety of colors because of the subtle variation in tones. Below you’ll see photos of it with White or gray mortar.

Stone & Brick Trends 2020 Flint Hills Lueders with White Mortar
Top Stone & Brick trends 2020; Flint Hills Lueders
Harristone Flint Hills Lueders

Platinum Ledgestone

Platinum Ledgestone, a seemingly popular natural stone, combines a variety of tones that create quite the exterior! As a quartzite stone, platinum ledgestone has a small glimmer to it. Because of this, it shows amazingly in full sun! Here are some of our most memorable projects done with Platinum ledgestone.

Platinum Ledgestone
Platinum Ledgestone Modern Home
Platinum Ledgestone Exterior


Yorkshire’s rough square shape ensures every palette and home is unique. This natural stone brings so much character and authenticity to every space. Above all, the color in Yorkshire is what makes it so popular! While variation does occur, in this stone you’ll find green-grays, whites, and creams.

Top Stone & Brick trends 2020 Yorkshire Fireplace; Top Stone & Bricks of 2020
Yorkshire & Parchement
Yorkshire with White Mortar

Antique Pearl

For several years running, Antique Pearl has been on our top stones list! This white limestone has a classic and updated look that our designer and homeowners are loving it! Featured in several of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes Homes this year, Antique Pearl will surely be one for the book!

Trending Stone & brick Antique Pearl Fireplace
McEwan Custom Homes Antique Pearl Exterior
Antique Pearl & Brick Exterior

English Tudor

English Tudor became quite the showstopper this year with its light tone and subtle texture! Almost every home this year paired the brick with White grout, creating a light and airy aesthetic. With a myriad of colors, this brick is tied together with a white slurry over top of the face. Bringing in a neutral color, English Tudor has found it’s place in the design and building industry!

English Tudor Traditional Home
English Tudor Brick
Stone & Brick Trends of 2020 - English Tudor with White Mortar


Dartmouth envelops the classic brick look. With red and dark gray tones, the red brick house will continue to stay in style. Whether it be with white, gray, of brown mortar, Dartmouth brick has always been a classic.

Brasshouse exteriors; Dartmouth Brick
Stone & Brick Trends of 2020 Parade of Homes Dartmouth Home
Stone & Brick Trends of 2020 Darmouth Brick

Certainly there is a masonry product for your next home! Interested in getting a professionals opinion? We are here to help! Start by coming into one of our Showrooms today!

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