Are you trying to figure out how to do the stone on your pillars or timbers? There are so many questions and ideas to consider. Your pillars or timbers typically frame and accent your entry way to your home which is one of the most vital exterior elements. 
Will you bring the pillars out to the very edge of your stone, with no stone cap?

Will it be pyramid style or squared? 

or a little bit of both?

How high will the stone come on your pillars or timbers?

Are you trying to keep it consistent with a wainscot height or do something a little different to break it up?

Will you do something unique and bring the stone higher on your timbers?

How will you cap it?
And with what type of product will you cap it with?

Will you take it all the way up into an archway?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when designing your pillars or timbers and how your stone or brick might come into play. 

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