Staircases can sometimes be an awkward space in a home, and if not styled properly can appear barren and boring. Using stone, brick and other textures to spice up this space can give an entirely new look in your home.
Large and open staircases, often found in more contemporary settings can feel like a beast to take on, but with a stone or brick back-splash the space now becomes a focal point for design that is easy to care for. 
For smaller staircases, open, closed, and in between are still very important. Finding the perfect color and texture to use in this space is sometimes vital to the feel and design of an entry way or room. And with a smaller space to work with can sometimes be even more difficult to find the perfect fit. Using a tall and narrow plant or sculpture against a stone backdrop can create a natural, authentic or artistic feel and fits perfectly in the small awkward space. Using a neutral colored backless bench against the texture of your choosing adds a design element and gathering place but also doesn’t take up much room.

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