1. Craftsman

Whether it’s a more traditional Craftsman like the photo above or if you put a more contemporary spin on it, this style is coming back in full force. 

2. Greys

Greys have made the rounds over the years and now they’re back and better than ever.

3. Blues

Utahn’s are becoming a little more adventurous, steering away from the typical desert colors of brown and tans. We have been seeing more and more blue homes coming into the mix. 

4. Taupes

Taupes have always been around, but now more than ever they’re taking home builders by storm. 

5. Whites

Whites, give a clean and crisp look to your new home exterior. Like this home and many others including some parade homes from last year and coming this year. 

6. Ledgestone

Ledgestone is a longer, skinnier, rectangular cut of stone. Whether it be a manufactured stone or a natural stone people are loving this style. 

7. Squares & Recs

Squares & Recs, short for squares and rectangles, is similar to ledgestone in it’s linearity, but typically with larger pieces and a lot more square or almost square shapes. 

8. Limestone or Faux-Limestone Entryways

Honed Limestone block entry ways are becoming very popular especially with Modern, Contemporary, and Modern Prairie style homes. 

9. White Trimming Accents & Metals

More White. White is the perfect contrasting outline. If you don’t like doing all white this is a great option to still get that crisp and clean look.  

10. And last but not least Efficient Design

Simple, user-friendly, functional, energy-efficient, solar, water-saving, etc. are all terms used when thinking of this type of design. These designs maximize living space, eliminate waste, and usually save you money in the long-run and they’re becoming less and less of a thing for the ‘rich’ but more for everyone. They are becoming more and more common and definitely ideal in the new homes being built whether you’re working on the interior or exterior of a home.

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