Mixing stones can be tricky. Especially if it is a blend that has never been done before. But we still see those adventurous folks out there, voyaging across new frontiers of stone blending. And typically, it turns out beautifully. Some of the most renowned, award-winning parade homes in the area have swept the competition with ground-breaking blends. What is their secret? We have put together a few key Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when joining these pioneers of stone mixing.

Do: Find stones that have a similar texture, not necessarily the same, but similar (however, the style can be different).

Don’t: Choose one stone that totally rugged and one stone that completely smooth.

Do: Choose the colors that you like the best and that complement each other.

Don’t: Choose colors from two different brands of manufactured stone (the dyes WILL clash).
Do: Choose either natural stone and natural stone 

or manufactured stone and manufactured stone to blend
Don’t: Choose one color from natural and another from manufactured stone (again, they WILL clash, and you will be able to tell which is faux and which is real).

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