As released two weeks ago, for the next few blog posts we will be covering how to create a timeless exterior. Because timelessness is a goal that many homeowners have, we thought we would give our best tips to create the desired look. Timeless exteriors are not easy to come by, but when done correctly, give a well-designed aesthetic.

Our tip this week when creating a timeless exterior is to balance warm and cool tones. When it comes to design trends, we watch a cycle of tan or gray be “on trend”. When homes balance both of those tones there is not only flexibility in decorating and accessorizing, but it becomes more difficult to date the home. Personally, our favorite way to balance gray and tan, especially on the exterior, is through the stone. The following stones have a variety of warm and cool tones to give off a timeless look.



Platinum Squares & Recs and Platinum Ledgestone Blend

Huntington Divino Ledgestone

Catalina Limestone

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