Timeless Exteriors – Do they exist?

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“There are two things that make a room timeless: A Sense of History and a piece of the future.” – Charlotte Moss

As interior designers, we strive for this idea of “timelessness”. I had this realization early into my design career about timelessness. It happened while I was driving in the hills of Provo, Utah. A development that once was seemingly the “high end” neighborhood of Provo was now dated to the era in which the homes were built. Homes once worth millions of dollars now seemed extremely outdated. So it got me thinking, surely at least one of these homes used a designer. None of these designers strived to create a timeless look? “Timelessness” is an idea that I see many designers strive for, but what had happened with this community? This lead to the rabbit hole of thought that got me wondering if timelessness is real, or just an idea that we fantasize about?

With this looming on my mind, I started to search for timeless exteriors throughout all of Utah. Naturally, as an exterior designer, I am fascinated by seeing other people’s exteriors. This tendency has always been apart of my life. So, as I started noticing exteriors, I searched for what made them seemingly timeless. I realized that very few homes had achieved a timeless look. That is, “Timelessness” is the ability to create a design that does not become outdated. After this realization, I decided to create my own guide to a timeless exterior. So over the next month, every week we will post one of the best tips we have to achieve timelessness. To kick off this series, here is a gallery of some of our favorite timeless exteriors!


Built By: Leading Edge Builders

Designed By: Elles Designs

Platinum Squares & Recs



Catalina Limestone

Fond du Lac Castle Rock

Built & Designed By: Millhaven Homes & Interiors

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