Another great tip we have when designing exteriors is to add contrast. Contrast is a principle of design that creates interest in a space. Because of the juxtaposition of opposing elements, contrast adds another dynamic layer to the design. Similarly, this concept of contrast used in exteriors brings the same idea. Embracing contrast can add depth and interest to the exterior as well. We have put together a few examples of those who have embraced contrast. Whether it be subtly through dark windows and metals, or through loud walls, contrast can make all the difference.

McGee Blend

Designed by Studio McGee


Dartmouth Brick

Antique Pearl

Designed by Nicole Camp

Odessa & Antique Pearl Blend

White Sand Divino Ledgestone

Midnight Uintah Ledgestone


Antique Pearl

Talus Hewn Stone

Certainly, contrasting house colors add so much to the exterior! Do you want to achieve a contrasting exterior look? Come on in to our design centers and showrooms to get started!

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