Parade season is swiftly approaching and that being said it’s about time we talk about what trends to expect. We have compiled our Top 3 Stone & Brick Trends keep an eye out for at this Year’s Parade of Homes and showcase competitions.

Antique Pearl Limestone

The past six years now, we have seen Antique Pearl Limestone dominate the parade. It a soft white coloring with a wide variety of customization options, making it versatile and a good pairing with an endless number architectural styles and scales. The Antique Pearl is a soft classic option that also can have a contemporary feel at the same time. It’s been a showstopper in past years at the parades and we aren’t seeing this trend going anywhere! It’s here to stay.



Painted Brick

Joanna Gaines and Shea Mcgee have really set something off in Utah with this Painted Brick trend. We are seeing it and variations of it more and more and you can bet you will see it on a solid 15% of the parade homes this year!


“Grey Stone with Some Warmth”

For a number of years now, grey has been very popular in the state, and that’s not going away. What we are seeing shift in this trend is a movement from solid grey tones, avoiding all warmth, to embracing a bit more warmth blended with the grey. Which we are loving! More versatility, more timelessness, more warmth, more homey but still up to date and on top of the times!




We’re not surprised to see a lot of the same looks from previous years. However creativity is king in the Parade. Somehow we are pleasantly surprised every year with how builders use our products in nuanced ways. In conclusion, we cannot wait to see what all of the entries in Utah Valley, Salt Lake, North Wasatch, and Park City have to show us!


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