With Parade season coming soon, our stone division’s thought it would be fun to throw out some product predictions for what might be popular in this year’s parade of homes competitions.


“Griege, Lighter Taupe, Warmer Gray, & Creamy Gray.” Many of our stones have these types of color palates Storm Mountain, Fossil Gray, Trenton Buff River Rock & Other Beuchel Stones and Merrilstone Limestones, the Hewn Stone line,  Flint Hills Leuders, and More! And we predict we’re going to be seeing a lot more of these colors this year.



New Platinum Blends & Other Natural Stone Blends in General. We’ve seen a lot of the platinum, on it’s own and in a variety of blend’s in year’s past. We predict we will be seeing more of it this year, and are crossing our fingers for a new creative never been seen before platinum blend that is going to knock our socks off. 



Interior “Thin Brick”. Using thin brick for interior walls, back-splashes, fireplaces, islands, and more is becoming more and more popular, and we are loving it and predicting this going to be a trend in the parades this year.



More Limestones from Merrilstone and Buechel Stone like we have seen in past years, as well as the Boral Cultured Stone Brand’s New Hewn StoneAs noted briefly before predict these stones (Limestones and Hewn Stones) having a more White, Gray, and Griege type color palates in addition to their more modern Monochromatic Color schemes will be popular picks. We’re also predicting that the more modern Coursed and Brick Lay patterns are going to be used more as well as the traditional ashlar style lay with these stones.




More Manufactured Stone than Year past. Color technology is better than ever with our manufactured stone lines. Manufactured stone and brick products are looking better than they ever have and we predict that because of this they’re going to be a hotter item this year in general and on higher end homes.

Check back in a few months to see if we got it right!

And if you’re interested in being at the front of these trends, stop by one of our stone division’s and design centers today. Our highly trained sales staff and on-staff designers will be sure to get you the perfect look for your parade or parade-like caliber home!


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