Toscana Town homes in Highland, featured and award-winning in the Utah Valley 2010 Parade of Homes, displays many beautiful stone and brick aspects on both the exterior and interior. With all of the exterior having been completed for a couple years now, and the last few interiors nearing completion, let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous facets that these Italian inspired homes 
have to offer.
The Mediterranean styled pool-house, pool, and jacuzzi have natural stone applications turning them into a natural oasis for all of the residents to have a resort-style getaway.

The clubhouse, resembling a quaint town hall you would find in the hills of Tuscany, has a natural stone pop-out around the entry.

The interior of the clubhouse has a large wrap around, two sided fireplace with natural stone.

The exterior of each of the town-homes features natural fieldstone with manufactured Harristone thin brick trim accents. Pairing these with cream, tan, yellow, and golden colored stucco, red ceramic shingles, and old world style architecture makes for the perfect Tuscan villa look.  

The stone is over-grouted on these spaces to accentuate the old world look. 

The interiors feature gorgeous thin brick walls and back-splashes.

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