The Utah Valley, Salt Lake, Park City, and NWHBA Parade of HomesĀ  are still a few months away but from what we’re seeing so far there are some very distinct trends to look out for this year. As we have noted in previous trend watch posts, light neutrals and whites are definitely what’s on trend right now. And that is evident in what we’ll be seeing in the 2018 Parade Homes. Due to the saturation of gray colored homes in past years, this year should be pulling a away from that. However, we will see a couple stones return that have been parade favorite in past years.

Antique Pearl

Per usual you can expect Antique Pearl to be a showstopper this year, as it’s been at the top of the trends for the past four years.


The Yorkshire is a relatively new natural thin stone product that should take the parade by storm

Grey Strip

Another one we have seen in past parades here and there, not as much as the Antique Pearl, but it’s been a favorite all the same.

Yorkshire & Grey Strip Blend

What more can you ask for? These two stones share some colors and shapes as well as geological types. Basically, they blend perfectly and we can’t wait to see more of it!

Grey Cobble Creek

One of our Buechel stones, a brand that consists of predominately light neutral limestone, this stone is bound to leave an impression this year.

Flint Hills Limestone

A brand new manufactured stone option in the beloved Flint Hills color, now comes in the limestone style. We would not be surprised if we saw this on a Parade Home this year.

Flint Hills Leuders

The predecessor to the above limestone, and one of our most popular manufactured stones right now, is sure to have it’s reputation proceed it in the best way possible this year.

All in all the Parades this year should be incredible, innovative, trend-setting, anything but common, and light and neutral in color. We can’t wait to see how all of the beautiful homes turn out! Good luck to all of our clients and customers!

And if you want a stone or brick fit for a parade home, stop by one of our HHDU Stone Divisions today!


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