A few weeks ago Sherwin Williams Paints released their 2017 Forecast. This forecast drew a portrait of where we would be seeing paint trends heading this year. The color palletes were bold and vibrant with a touch of neutral but over all fun and unafraid of color. Our HHDU Masonry Division’s Designers wanted to use a blog post to review each of the schemes and express their thoughts of what “WE” are actually seeing now and where “THEY” think trends are going as well.


“I really like the Holistic Pallette, it provides calming earth tones. I would pair this with a soft color stone such as Flint Hills Lueders, or Catalina Limestone.”


“This pallete is so light peaceful but still fun and interesting, I love it. I could see someone pairing it with Yorkshire, which is also very light and airy and neutral.”

“A brick like the Chesapeake Pearl would have a similar affect.”

“You could also pair it with Midnight Uintah [or Midnight Cheif Joseph] to “ground” the stone and accent it with a black roofing.This provides a clean and minimalistic look while still pulling nature/natural colors in.”


“You could also embrace the earth tones with a stone like the Sawtelle, that has a variety of earthtones all in a similar value so the variation is more subtle.”

“I don’t think we will be seeing any pink or coral colors on any exteriors in Utah any time soon but for interior I adore this scheme, and I think a lot of people will too.”


“I love the vibrancy of the intrepid, although I don’t forsee a lot people using many of these colors for their exterior other than a front door or a minimal accent on a more modern style home, I love homes that embrace color rather than shy away from it, which I feel like this scheme does. I don’t doubt we will probably see a lot of the combinations of the Caviar, High Reflective White, and Popular Gray colors on both interior and exterior.”

“I think stone wise with this pallete it would all just depend on which combination of the vibrant hues they decided to go with, although lighter more achromatic colored stones and bricks would always work well. The Flint Hills Leuders, the Antique Pearl Limestone, the Midnight colors, the Slate, Coal and Cobalt and Arctic White Bricks, just to name a few would all be fun choices, especially for a modern feel.”



“The Noir Pallette is very fun & bold! The jewel tones are rich and pleasant to view. I would pair with Silverdelle Lueders or Rocky Cliff Uintah, these are not too intrusive and would compliment nicely.”


“I love the blue hues in this pallete, it’s so fun because I can really look at this and see the space it belongs in. I see the full scheme in a dark, eclectic but refined and dramatic style living space with tufted and velvet textiles, a mix of antique and modern furniture, wicker and mixed metals with a small but dramatic and elegant fireplace featuring some Fond du Lac Panels or Dakota Grey stone. Ahh the weight of the stone and difference in pattern and texture and color would make perfect emphasis and focal point.”


“Blues are really trending on exteriors right now, I’ve actually used Anchors Aweigh a couple times before. It’s a great Navy blue and pairs really well with the Ellie Gray in Sherwin Williams and the Echo Ridge Colors from Boral Cultured Stone.”


“For an interior suggestion such as a fireplace, you could pair Cascades or Black Swan with a Capers Island thin brick for a modern sophisticated look!”



“Unbounded Pallete is very fresh/youthful/happy! For a bright welcoming home exterior, you could combine Saguaro or Cut The Mustard with either Bucks County Country Ledge…

“or Echo Ridge Country Ledge with white trim!”

“In comparison to the intrepid, and as far as the more vibrant of these schemes, I am more drawn to the unbounded, overall. However the achromatic colors of the intrepid I still love, I just see people in our area using this scheme as a whole or majority more than the other. I especially think for a country cottage take on the popular craftsman style, the Mudslide as a main body color with Tres Naturale trim and Saguaro as a second accent Hardie color for a pop or the Freshwater as a front door color would look quite nice paired with the Summit Uintah Ledgestone and some dark stained wood gable corbels.”

There you have it, just a few notes on this years SW Color Forecast. If you’re interested in having one our designers assist you on your home, stop by one of our HHDU Masonry Division’s and Design Centers today! There services, passion, and expertise are free to utilize for all of our customers. We cannot wait to see where this years trends take us.





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