Wanting to use manufactured stone, but still trying to find something that has the look of natural stone? Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Harristone offers so many great options for manufactured stone veneers. The possibilities are truly endless. Today we wanted to focus on some of our personal favorites, the tumbled stones! They are amazing because while they are not real stone, they are gently distressed and have the organic look that natural stone gives. They have 3 charming options when it comes to tumbled stone, and we wanted to highlight each of those today.

First, we will start with Austin White Tumbled! This is great if you want a white, bright, and clean look that also pulls in some gray tones. We love the homey, farmhouse vibe that it gives.


Then we have country hills tumbled, this is a great choice if you want more color variation in your stone. It combines warmer and cooler tones to give you a beautiful look that will pair nicely with many other exterior finishes.


And last but not least, we have riverside tumbled. This stone caters to all you gray lovers pulling in a lighter gray, charcoal and white.


It is easy to see why the Harristone tumbled stones are an amazing option for your home! We love the natural look, soft edges and face texture. Come into one of our showrooms today to pick yours out! We are here to help.

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