Tumbled Stones are becoming more and more popular. And if it’s on trend, of course we need to talk about it. Here are a few frequently asked questions on Tumbled Stone, and a gallery of some great options we offer.

What is a tumbled stone?

Tumbled doesn’t necessarily mean overly rounded or river-rock-esque. The process of tumbling stone is a machined process to make the edges and corners of a stone smooth and rounded-off. Also, with natural stone, it will typically make the color on the face of the stones a shade lighter in color (that it’s non-tumbled counterparts). And you will see a tumbled notice a stone having a smoother texture (that it’s non-tumbled counterparts).

What stones can be tumbled or come in tumbled options?

Not all stones can be tumbled or come in a tumbled form. There are specific types and sub-types of stone geologically that tumble better and easier than others. Any limitations in tumbling stone are due to the softness of a stone. Harder limestones and harder sandstones are the most popular stone types that may have tumbled options.

What brands do you carry with tumbled stone options?

We have a few manufactured stone options that have a somewhat tumbled style to them. But where you will see the options and variety really expand is in our natural products. Our Beuchel Stone, Merrilstone, and Natural Thin lines all have a few tumbled stone options.

Do you have a gallery of Tumbled Stone Options?

Here you go!

Interested in tumbled stones? Stop by one of our showrooms today for more information.

And if you have any masonry or design related questions, contact us and we will create a blog post perfect for your needs!

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