Many times when we think of brick, an image like this one pops into our heads:
There is so much more than your traditional straight red brick with a standard grey tooled mortar though. 
To break away for this traditional brick look, some homeowners venture off and try to make their brick have more of a stone-like look. Look and see what they have done.   
For instance, Clinkers. Clinkers are typically brick that has been over cooked. It is normally odd shaped and textured and is usually very dark, if not completely black. Having the rough and random pieces, slightly different in color, breaks up that average brick look into something a little more unique.

Another way to do this same technique, but less rough is by using double bricks. This still breaks up the typical brick style by adding pieces of brick that are about the size of two normal pieces of brick with the standard grout joint in between.  

Hand molded or over tumbled brick. Finding a hand molded or tumbled brick, that is in just about any color but red, can be a great way to get this look because of the irregularity in shapes and the natural earthiness in color.  

The use of a more rough or messy grouting style can make a huge difference. Flush Cut Over Grout style is a popular style to give a rough and irregular look.
The color of grout is important too though. If you choose a grout that contrasts too much from your brick, whether it be too light (like the photo below), or too dark, the grout could actually emphasize the brick look by having a stark outline around each individual brick. 

Stone accessories, like this stone sill, to cap the brick wainscoting and to go beneath windows. There are also trimmers, keystones and countless other stone accessories you can use elsewhere. 

And last, you could always fade stone and brick patchwork together.

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