Day number two, week number two, home number thirty-seven. Here’s what Raykon’s Mountain Majesty has to offer us this year on the exterior and fireplace front.

Copper Ledgestone 40 POH Alpine

This Mountain Traditional style home features a varied stone color and mid-value siding color with dark trimming elements and roofing for some contrast.

Copper Ledgestone 42 POH Alpine

This Harristone Ledgestone has a wide variety of color and sizes of pieces to create a lot of interest on this home exterior.

Copper Ledgestone 45 POH Alpine

We love the blend of warm tones, cool tones, and neutral tones in the stone. And the rich stained timber entry anchored with stone wrapped bases really declares itself as the focal point of this exterior.

Copper Ledgestone 46 POH Alpine

The interior features two fireplaces.

One in the great room:

Copper Ledgestone 47 POH Alpine

Copper Ledgestone 66 POH Alpine  Copper Ledgestone 62 POH Alpine

Copper Ledgestone 58 POH Alpine

One in the basement family room:

Copper Ledgestone 50 POH Alpine Copper Ledgestone 51 POH Alpine

Copper Ledgestone 55 POH Alpine Copper Ledgestone 54 POH Alpine

And one in the master bedroom:

Arcadian Ridgestone 200

And a range surround in the kitchen:

Arcadian Ridgestone 101

Arcadian Ridgestone 100

And a tub surround in the bathroom:

Arcadian Ridgestone 103


If you’re interested in making your home stand out like this award winning parade home, stop by one of our Hearth & Home Stone Division & Design Centers today. Our in house designers will get you that curb appeal you’ve always wanted and that homey atmosphere in no time. We will leave your home beautiful inside and out.

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