13329546_1250777638268878_6394592852024221429_oNext up is Chatwin’s Cowfish. It features a utah-traditional style stone, brick, and stucco combination exterior and two strikingly beautiful fireplaces interior. Let’s take a closer look at the products they used and how it all came together to make one gorgeous parade home.




The Country Manor King Brick was used to as a masonry siding body texture as well as soldier courses above the exterior windows and doors for a little exterior detail and interest. The builder also had us engrave a lighter piece of the actual stone used on the home to make an address stone that blended and flowed nicely with the exterior but also stood out.

Aztec Squares & Rectagles 60 POH Lindon with Country Manor Brick

The stone used is a special 2-way black moss natural stone blend.

Aztec Squares & Rectagles 56 POH Lindon with Country Manor Brick Aztec Squares & Rectagles 61 POH Lindon with Country Manor Brick

The stone and brick was placed strategically on certain parts of the exterior in order to create divisions and give some break up and relief from the strong patterns of one another.

Aztec Squares & Rectagles 58 POH Lindon with Country Manor Brick

On the back deck of the home, sat a quaint seating area, perfect for entertaining and decorated with stone pillars and wall accents, as well as brick wainscoting.

Aztec Squares & Rectagles 50 POH Lindon

Interior, we come to meet one of our favorite interior fireplaces from this year’s parade.

One fireplace is located in the home’s great room, the other is located in the basement.

 Fond du Lac Castle Rock 11

The fireplaces features a specialty blend of two unique, neutral, and beautiful limestone’s.

Fond du Lac Castle Rock 06

In the basement, we find a slightly smaller but equally as gorgeous fireplace with a matching stone surround to the upstairs fireplace to create rhythm, repetition, and flow throughout the common spaces of the home.

Fond du Lac Castle Rock 12

If you’re interested in either of these stone blends or the brick or any similar products and would like more information, give us a call, or drop by one of our Hearth and Home Masonry Division and Design Centers today! Our  expert on-staff designers and sales staff members will help you take your home to the next level, bringing warmth and beauty inside and out.

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