The exterior of Highland Custom Homes parade home, Peaks at Apple Creek, was perfectly picturesque. It’s farmhouse style over all featuring modern, contemporary, traditional and rustic elements, a gorgeous natural stone blend and some interior brick applications is sure to make you ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’.

Dakota Grey Tumbled & Cherry Creek POH Alpine 03 Dakota Grey Tumbled & Cherry Creek POH Alpine 02

This special tumbled natural stone Merrilstone blend incorporated both warm and cool neutral stones, giving movement and variety to create some interest on this simply achromatic: black, white and bronze exterior.  This stone brought this home’s exterior to life.

Dakota Grey Tumbled & Cherry Creek POH Alpine 01

The interior featured a brick fireplace and matching brick kitchen back-splash that faced each other in their open floor plan.

Old Edisto 52

The home is both quaint and contemporary. It is full of character and charm of rustic elements paired with contemporary, clean and modern touches.

Old Edisto 54

In their master bedroom, were met by that more contemporary as well as elegant take on their farmhouse style with a tall, and slender shadow stone ledge stone fireplace, that we are positively in love with.

Shadowstone 02

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