Alpina-Sawtelle-Dakota 14

We have another white, bronze and stone farmhouse making a debut at this years parade from McEwan Custom Homes. And as always, McEwan never seems to disappoint. Another year and another custom stone blend on a custom home that we all wish was our own.

This years stone blend featured many different stones for our Merrilstone line, which when blended together gave this home the pattern, texture and color variety it really needed to make a statement.

Alpina-Sawtelle-Dakota 03

Alpina-Sawtelle-Dakota 12

Alpina-Sawtelle-Dakota 10

The entry to this home is such a solid and strong focal point, full of contrast, pattern, color, and texture.

Alpina-Sawtelle-Dakota 09 Alpina-Sawtelle-Dakota 07

Alpina-Sawtelle-Dakota 06

On the interior of this home we find ourselves peering into who the homeowners really are, from their contemporary common spaces, to the marvel themed bowling alley and play area, to the music room featuring brick pillars which we are particularly fond of. The brick really adds an authentic feel to the space.

Stratford Rose 53

Stratford Rose 51

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