Old Irvington 71Old Irvington Brick has definitely made it’s mark as the most used brick in the parade of homes for the past 4 years since we have carried the product. And Country Manor brick is nipping at its in a close second place, but let’s focus on this one for just a moment as it is the main masonry feature used on Millhaven Home’s parade home, El Primera.

This brick, toeing the line of neutral and colorful, anchors this home with weight, style, texture, pattern, color, and interest.


And because this brick is a subtle red-ish in it’s over all color and has some creamy beige colors with warm yellowy undertones, it makes it the perfect coloring to pair with a blue door and blue-grey shake shingle siding. Red, Yellow, and Blue being the three colors of a primary color scheme.

Old Irvington 64

   Interior they played off of this color scheme as well, using blue as their main decorating color.

Old Irvington 69

This brick fireplace brings so much life to this otherwise simple contemporary space.

Old Irvington 70

Old Irvington 72

To find out more about the Old Irvington brick, or any of the other bricks featured in this years parade of homes competitions, visit one of our HHDU masonry divisions and design centers today. Our trained in-house designers and sales staff will have your home looking like an award winning parade home in no time.

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