Painted brick is a new trend we’ve seen in the past two year’s Parade of Homes, but this year there were a total of four homes that used this type of application. Some of the homes were full brick, others used it in coordination with hardie siding, or stucco, or stone, or wood, or a combination of three or four or even five different textures. All in all, it’s clear that the trend, influenced strongly by the HGTV show, Fixer Upper, is taking Utah by storm.

First up on the list is Brinkerhoff’s Parade, the Chateau Blanc. This home combined Painted Brick with Stone, Stucco, Hardie, and Natural Wood Siding. It was a unique blend of textures, patterns, and colors, while keeping the look and majority of the colors light and neutral for a classy well balanced and classic feel with both bold and subtle points of interest. This home blended European and Mountain Rustic Styles in a way we’ve never seen before. And let’s just say that stone blend they used is a new office favorite.

Next up is Flagship’s, Magnolia. It is a full brick home painted all white with a wood headers over the windows for some contrast and interest. They exterior is fairly simple over all but the dark windows, lights, and roofing elements, wood headers, grey door, and custom railing it wasn’t lacking in curb appeal.

Next, is the Sweetwater’s, Eight, getting it’s names from the fact that it was number eight on the Utah Valley Parade of Homes Map this year. This home used the painted brick in a unique way. Paiting it with all white Hardie Lap Siding, and other exterior elements, they decided to paint the brick something other than white: Navy Blue. The bold pop of color is striking but not overbearing, being well balanced by the white, and roof shingle. We love the new take on this trend that they have taken.

And finally, the European Company’s, The Remodel 1989-2017, which being a remodel in itself in the parade made this home stand out already among all of the new build projects. This home combines painted brick with cast stone work and stucco. All of which are in a similar color. The blend of pattern and texture, mixed with smaller dark accents, is what make’s this homes’ exterior a force to be reckoned with.

If you’re looking for painted brick, Hearth and Home Masonry Divisions carry a variety of different and unique styles, shapes, textures, and sizes of brick, most of which are great with or without paint. Stop by one of our locations today for more information!

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