Another day, another parade home, and it’s a beauty; a mysterious, slightly masculine, and unique, transitional beauty. Raykon’s “Mezza” was definitely a showstopper with it’s high contrast, unique color pallets and well balanced exterior. “A black house?” we heard people question, almost in disgust when they heard the plans for this home, and some of us even wondered how it would turn out but to everyone’s very pleasant surprise, the home is absolutely gorgeous in the most extraordinary ways. Yes, the house color is a charcoal black, and yes the soffit/fascia/gutters/dripedge/windows and roofing are all black. But “Man Alive” this home isn’t even remotely heavy. How? is the question you ask, and we have the answer. One Word: Stone. Masonry can be such a powerful tool to bringing balance to an exterior. And the home itself is heavier on the darker elements than it is the stone, but the three areas that have stone and the stone walls in front are what bring the home balance, making the exterior as a whole feel more 50/50 stone and dark elements.

The blend of stone chosen for this home was a specialty blend of two natural stones. One of the stones is a new stone from our Merrilstone line, called the Fossil Grey, but it in fact doesn’t have much grey at all. Over all the stone is more what we would call “greige” (it’s not quite grey, it’s not quite beige). The style of the stone is what we call a “rough” squares and rectangle style. It’s lighter over all and has both warm neutral and cool neutral colors present. The second stone is blended in at just a small percentage and is from our Buechel stone corp line out of Wisconsin, called the Midnight Castle Rock. It is more of a straight forward average squares and rectangle style and is much darker and cooler toned than the Fossil Grey. It is the element of this stone that ties the stone into the charcoal color used on the main body of the home. The stone was applied with an over grouted and dyed mortar.

If you are interested to know more on this home or need help creating your own parade worthy custom stone blend, stop by one of our HHDU Masonry Divisions & Design Centers today!




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