Pro-fit Alpine Ledgestone Winterhaven 15 POH Lehi This transitional style home found in Lehi, will be sure shake the competition up. The builder and our in-showroom designers worked on giving this home a unique look that blended both traditional, contemporary, and modern elements to have you rethinking everything you once thought inside “the box”.

This ‘out of the box’ transitional home, featuring traditional and contemporary architectural elements in coordination with a more contemporary and modern materials, colors, textures, and accents, including the thin drystacked Cultured Stone Alpine Pro-fit Ledgestone in the White Winterhaven color  turned out beautifully.


The fully stone entry way with the four window paneled front door in a starkly contrasting color added a more modern-prairie house style vibe and a strong focal point to the front of this home.

Pro-fit Alpine Ledgestone Winterhaven 14 POH Lehi

The other slightly more modern element on this exterior was the fully stoned garage pop out with the long paneled garage door featuring four windows to echo that of the front door.

Pro-fit Alpine Ledgestone Winterhaven 17 POH Lehi

Pair that with some modern light fixtures and the contemporary siding texture of James Hardie Lap Siding and you got yourself a transitional home.


And did we mention their interior was equally as transitional? It is! Although it is even a little more on the modern and contemporary side. Their fireplace turned out beautifully with a Fond Du Lac Brick type material, dark accent paint and architectural detailing by their finish carpenter.

Having the style from their exterior flow to their interior created a well rounded and harmonious design.

If you’re wanting a unique and aesthetically appealing exterior, drop by one of our stone divisions and design centers today!

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