Lucca Modern surely was a show stopper in this year’s Utah Valley Parade of Homes! With its beautiful view, amazing modern design, and wonderful architectural details, this home is one we can’t stop thinking about! This home features 15,405 square feet of well designed and built spaces. Built by BLJ Construction, and designed by Allison Campbell Designs, this home became quite the show stopper!


The Exterior

The exterior of the home features one of our most popular stones, Antique Pearl. Antique Pearl, a natural white limestone, creates a wonderful neutral base to any exterior! Natural Stone white limestone has a subtle warmth that is perfect for this exterior! While the stone brings an organic texture, the supporting elements on the home bring a more modern and clean look. Here are some photos and renderings of this beautiful home:

Rendering of Home

Photos of Home

Stone: Antique Pearl


Have you been looking for the perfect stone option? We are here to help! Come into one of our Design Centers and Showrooms to get started on designing your dream home!

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