Hearth and Home is committed to the safety and well being of all employees and customers. Because of the dynamic situation of COVID-19, we will now be offering Virtual Design Appointments. While many will ask how the building industry can continue during this global pandemic, we are working to make sure that you still get your dream home. These virtual design consults will pair you with an on-site designer to talk through any needs with you. Here is how the virtual design consults will work:


Our designers will use Zoom to hold all virtual design appointments. Clients can access Zoom via phone, tablet, or computer. Certainly, we want all those using this technology to understand and utilize their resources. Follow this link to view video tutorials on how you can effectively use Zoom.


Appointment Layout

Similarly to in-person appointments, our designers will meet face to face with clients via the internet. Prior to the scheduled appointment time, all homeowners/builders will get an introduction email from their designer. This email will consist of a lot of important information like instructions on how to use zoom, resources needed before the appointment, and the link/ID required to login to the Zoom meeting. Designers will log in and start the meeting 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. Once the appointment ends, designers will still be available for any communication via email, or if needed, another consult can be scheduled. After the appointment, the homeowner/builder will receive a follow-up email with the notes taken by the designer during the appointment. This will assist in keeping both our employees and the homeowner/builder organized. Samples will be available for pickup if needed, so the homeowner/builder can see the stone in person. All design consults are free of charge, and an amenity to our customers.

Additional Resources

We are committed to getting our homeowners the best out of every situation. Because of this, we have several other resources for our customers to use. Probably one of the most used resources is our large gallery of project photos. These photos help aide in visualizing the project as a whole. Likewise, we have a vast list of project addresses for homeowners to drive by and see the stone on a large application.  We also have samples available for check-out as needed.


As this global pandemic continues, we have tried to make the best of every situation. If you would like to schedule a design appointment, call us at (801) 854-9898 or email design@hhdu.com. We hope that these efforts will ease the minds of all those in the building process. As questions arise, please reach out to your HHDU sales rep or our communications rep (abby@hhdu.com). We hope everyone is safe and healthy as we continue to build your perfect home.

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