White and Black Brick

By January 17, 2020Uncategorized

White and Black brick is becoming more and more popular, so of course, we are going to cover the options our customers have to achieve the trend. The white and black trend is prominent in all aspects of the home building industry, and as such, it has moved onto masonry. Although the painted brick fad is still full steam ahead, our manufactures have figured out an alternative to having to paint brick. By creating a white brick option, we are able to mimic the look while still keeping the authenticity of the brick. Black brick creates a sleek masonry look, which is something we are finding is gaining popularity. Here is a guide to the White and Black brick options that could help spark up your space:

Onyx Smooth Norman

Canvas Thin Brick

Tobacco Road Thin Brick

Chesapeake Pearl Thin Brick

Charcoal Thin Brick

See anything that has become inspiration for your next home? Come into our design centers and to start creating the perfect brick look!

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