When designing a home exterior, the porch is one of the last things some people think about. But as the entry to your home, it is one of the most vital. A well designed porch can make your home that much more inviting.
Cute front doors, simple and shabby swings and furniture, peculiar pots and planters, other decorations, and of course your masonry materials all play a huge roll in the styling of your porch.  

No matter the style of your home, there is a perfect porch matched with perfect products for you. 

This bright brick accent with a flush cut over grout gives a pop of color, becomes a focal point, and creates a way to tie in other color (like those adorable pillows). 

You can go more country-esque or more elegant like the furniture these folks paired with their porch. Notice how the chairs coordinate with their shutters, light fixtures, and the darker accents in their stone.

Branch out and be a little adventurous with your front door. 
And try rocking chairs on the porch instead of your typical outdoor furniture or swing. 
Again, see how all their styling aspects are perfectly paired with the accent colors in their stone– the white with the white chairs and the yellow-cream with the vibrant yellow door. 
The moral to this article: don’t forget the porch (and never forget the stone or brick).
Stop in one of our showrooms today to design your perfect porch, and the rest of your home as well. 

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