Cottage Style Homes, Tudor Cottage, Coastal Cottage, Traditional Cottage, Or Craftsman style homes with Cottage influence aren’t the most popular style on the street, but these days we’re seeing them make a comeback.

An interesting trend we’ve seen in the cottage styles being built lately is their choice of light green toned siding material paired with gorgeous wainscoting of natural or manufactured stone. If you’re thinking about building a little green cottage of your own, we have some perfect ideas for you.

Aztec Fieldstone 11

Light and medium toned stone is more popular than overly dark stone.

Cherry Creek pikes cottage

And from what we have been seeing, homeowners have free reign on style selections, whether the shape by square or irregular or smooth or textured, they all seem to feel right at home in this style.

Dressed-Country Aspen Mix 5  Jackson Moss 28 - Parkside Pleasant Grove

Some homeowners and builders have even coordinated stone landscaping materials to tie the home into it’s surroundings and give it more of an organic feel, like in these photos below.

pikes cottage 2  651961561651

If you’re considering building your own cottage, make sure to stop by one of our stone divisions and design centers today to have skilled professionals help you find the perfect products for you.

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