As they do each year, Sherwin Williams Paints recently released their 2019 Color Forecast. This forecast drew a portrait of where consumers would be seeing paint trends heading this year. The color pallets were well balanced with both color and neutral and overall unafraid to test the limits of the norm. Our HHDU Masonry Division’s Designers wanted to step in and review each of the schemes, give an idea of where they think trends are going and give you some stone and brick ideas for pairing with each of these schemes. Here’s what they had to say:



“This color pallet is mature and refined but soft and dramatic as well.

It has both masculinity and femininity to it.

The scheme is an ode to classic blue based tweeds and plaids, with a hint of nuance.

It could be used in a lot of different spaces and in a lot of different applications.”

“The Aficionado scheme would best be paired with stones like Dakota Gray, Clark Fork, and Platinum”



“This color pallet is youthful and playful.

It’s primary color scheme base and subtle take on rainbow is refreshing and more applicable in today’s interior and exterior spaces.

I think most people would think this scheme would be limited to children’s spaces just by looking at the colors.

But as a designer, I see a lot of options in a more eclectic, or modern, or even vintage wrelm.

It’s name is very fitting because it really just fills one with enthusiasm.”

“The Enthusiast scheme would best be paired with stones like Buckskin, Cape Cod, Antique Pearl, Ashfall, and Bucks County.”



“This color pallet is one that I would use in and on my own home.

I love the light, airy, and organic feel it has.

In fact, I’m getting ready to build a new home and think I will use this for some inspiration.

I can envision it paired with a one tone white for the walls interior.

The Felted Wool is a rich grey with earthy undertones that would be great for almost any exterior.

And the Dark Hunter Green is enchanting.”

“The Naturalist scheme would best be paired with stones like Flint Hills, Sawtelle, Grey Strip, Antique Pearl, and Platinum.”



“This color pallet is romantic and bohemian.

To the untrained eye, it may seem overly feminine and limited but there’s

actually a lot of applications this scheme has.

It’s also the scheme that has the most neutrals.

Neutrality means flexibility.”

“This scheme would go well with a lot of our stone and brick options.

It’s hard to pin point just a few but I might look at our Weathered Wood brick, or Heritage Hills Brick.


A Sawtelle/Platinum Blend or Castle Cove/Apache Moss Blend would both go well with it also.”



“This color scheme is a modern meets coastal feel to me.

It’s very well thought out with an almost split complementary concept behind it.

The hues are beautiful and its very fresh.

You could use these colors on both interior and exterior for sure.

The darker blues and the whites are perfect exterior colors.

And the scheme as a whole would be great for an interior space.”

“I would use stones like the Chisled Silver Alabaster, Silver Alabaster, or Berkshire Buff for interior applications with this scheme.


Or the Chilton, Alpina, or Grey’s River for exterior with these scheme.”




“This scheme has a very desert-like feel to it.

It’s more limiting to a southwest, desert, or rustic style but the colors are so perfectly paired that

that doesn’t even matter. It’s still a gorgeous scheme.

The Moth Wing is a great exterior color for where trends are now, as is the Oragami white.

Though I do still occasionally see people going with the classic Utah tan-brown so many of the other tones are still relevant.

Interior if you’re wanting southwestern rustic, you got it and it’s beautiful.”

“With this scheme, I would venture into a warmer, more rustic pallet for stone.

For instance in natural stone the Cinnamon Lake, Cambridge, Cherry Creek, Paradise Mountain,


Odessa, Apache, and Black Moss/Aztec would all be great options.


And then in manufactured, the Chardonnay, Chablis, and Mojave would all go well.”


“In conclusion, looking at the 2019 Color Forecast from Sherwin Williams, most of these schemes contain some sort

of deep jewel-toned blue, rose colored red/pink/blush color, and or green or yellow of some sort.

And these vibrant tones are well balanced in each of these schemes with an on-trend neutral or two or three.

I think we can assume taupes, greys, whites, and blues will dominate the market for at least one more year to come.”

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