Fond du Lac, bottom of lake in french, and named after it’s origin city in Wisconsin is one of the stones we absolutely love here at Hearth & Home. Want to know why? Here are 5 reasons why we love this stone and why you should too!

Perfect Size

The Fond du Lac is a smaller medium sized stone, which means it goes well with almost any size of projects.


Perfect Color

It’s Light, Airy, & Neutral colored. It goes well with just about any color scheme and it’s been a popular color on Parade homes.


Amazing Quality

It’s Authentic Natural Dolomitic Limestone. This means it’s one of the highest quality products in exterior stone.


Just because it’s high quality doesn’t mean it’s going to break the bank!

Plays well with others

It goes well with brick.


Style Queen

And it goes well with a variety of architectural styles ranging from French Country, to Rustic or Shabby Chic, to Traditional and even contemporary styles.

If you’re interested in the Fond du Lac Country Squires, stop by one of our Hearth & Home Stone Divisions and Design Centers today!


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