Decorating can be tricky business, here are five mistakes to avoid.


Not creating a single focal point or emphasis in the space: Fireplaces are the perfect way to do this!

Platinum Ledgestone 60% - Platinum Squares & Recs 30% - Dakota Grey 10% 10 - 688 W Sky Hawk Way Elk Ridge


Don’t Skimp on the seating. Hearthstones are a necessity.

Check out all the extra seating and decorating space this contemporary space has. No furniture required.

Raykon Alpine (1)


Improper use of color.

This includes not establishing a schemes, having too much or too little color, or not using color strategically.

Sawtelle & Water Mill 10


Not incorporating pattern & texture.



Not utilizing our showroom, in-showroom designers, and buying your fireplace, stone, brick, etc. through Hearth & Home!


We’re here to help all of our customers and clients turn their homes in works of art; creating warmth and beauty inside and out!

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