Sherwin Williams recently released their 2020 colormix color forecast for the upcoming year and as always, our Designers were all over it! We’ve analyzed their color forecast and broke it down for you on what’s really in and out. As well as pairing some of our favorite products with some of our favorites of these schemes.

Sherwin Williams Color Forcast 2020 Review

“In the Utah County area, we are seeing a lot of high contrast achromatic color schemes, just a lot of black, white, and gray. So the Play color scheme that has the Pure White and the Caviar Black, is probably what we would see the most of. Though we still occasionally have some grays, blue-grays and blues, so you may see the Granite Peak from haven sneak in there and the Naval from Alive”

The Naval is actually Sherwin Williams’ 2020 color of the year.

In the Salt Lake area we are seeing more of the “Alive and Haven” as well as some of the Black and White occasionally.

Our Design team from both Orem and Salt Lake locations individually reviewed each of the schemes as well, here’s what they had to say about each.

Scheme 1: Alive

“The alive to me is a more contemporary, mature, and home-friendly play on both complimentary & primary color schemes. Pair Blues, Reds, & Yellows; Olive Green with Blush Pink; Navy Blues with Rusty Oranges. Or you can do a mash up of the three. I think if you anchor a space or an exterior with a good neutral or achromatic base and build these colors on top of that it could be a perfect combination. And all the tones individually are so beautiful and rich they would be great accent colors in any home, in any season really, especially fall. With this scheme I think I’d tend to lean on Dakota & Weber Families, as well as lighter neutral colored bricks like the Chesapeake Pearl.”


Scheme 2: Mantra

“Out of the entire color palette selection of the year, this one speaks to me the most. I love its warm airy feel. The combination of these colors in a room feels like something you could call home. It has a natural flow between the colors that will create a welcoming environment throughout a space. This palette feels feminine and warm. I can see this palette pairing well with our Aurora, Moscato Tumbled, and Columbard Brick.”


Scheme 3: Play

“This palette is fun! I can see it in a grandma’s playroom or a space that is intended to invite a playful attitude. Although it pairs well with a fun environment, its deep colors make the palette feel grounded and secure. This modern palette would go well with the Artic Terrain Pro-Fit as it pulls out the white tones, making the colors feel rich and deliberate.”



Scheme 4: Haven

“Haven is my absolute favorite, I’m a lover of soft sage type greens, slate blues, and neutrals! My entire personal home is styled around a similar pallet, so when I saw this one I couldn’t help but smile a bit. I love how organic, earthy, gender-neutral, and balanced the tones feel. To me, they feel very serene, harmonious, and homey. If I had to pair this with any of our products, I’d probably pair it with the Flint Hills Lueders, Fond du Lac, or McGee.”



Scheme 5: Heart

“Similar to the Mantra color pallet this combination of neutrals brings a warm and cozy feeling. Out of all the palettes, this one has the most neutrals, making this palette one of the most versatile of the five. I love the fluidity between the tones of the colors as they complement each other. I see this palette going with the Lacewood tumbled and Grouse Sculpted Ashlar.”


Abby’s Scheme:

“The trends I am beginning to see are leaning towards a more muted version of classic colors. I wanted to create something that was deep in color with a variety of values while getting a look that could add rich contrast to a bright room.”

Colors: Glamour SW6031, Zurich White SW 7626, Granite Peak SW 6250, Poolhouse SW 7603, Colonnade Gray SW 7641, & Mulberry Silk SW 0001


Erica’s Scheme:

“Black, White, Gray have been on trend for so long that I think they are starting to run their course. We will probably still see them a lot this year but I can slowly start to see the trends leaning into light soft neutrals instead, whether that be gray, beige, taupe, cream, etc. And my color loving heart is hoping to see some soft muted color tones make more of an appearance as well. I can’t wait to see the combinations like these, just sing on both exteriors and interiors.”

Colors: Greek Villa SW7551, Shoji White SW7042, Retreat SW6207, Cyberspace SW7076, Roycroft Mist Gray SW2844, & Copper Pot SW7709

In conclusion, overall we’re seeing softer pallets continue to lead the race. Blending warm and cool, and keeping light neutrals as the base is always a timeless on trend option. And as always our designers are here to assist you in all of your color needs related to stone and brick products.


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