This year’s parade featured a number of incredible special features, as always, but of course there is one special feature that we believe to be the heart of any home or space: THE FIREPLACE. A fireplace oftentimes brings a focus, emphasis, rhythm, and anchor to a space. Many times it creates a gathering place where memories are shared and always adds beautiful design element that elevates the style of the home in it’s entirety. At Hearth and Home Distributors of Utah, LLC. we supply anything and everything one would need for a fireplace, from the stone and brick and hearthstones for the surround to the actual fireplace unit and hardware itself. We have twenty interior fireplaces, in no particular order, from this year’s parade that we are absolutely in love with and wanted to share with you!

Sawtelle 77


Platinum Ledgestone 17

Odessa - Antique Pearl Blend 5

Midnight Chief Joseph 13 POH Lehi

Old Irvington 70

White Birch Honed 20 POH Master Bedroom Fireplace

White Elk Moss 36 Special Cut into Strip by Mason for POH FP

Arcadian Ridgestone 200

Odessa-Yorkshire-WeberFalls-CayonFallsBlend 09

Copper Ledgestone 50 POH Alpine

Odessa-Yorkshire-WeberFalls-CayonFallsBlend 06

Copper Ledgestone 48 POH Alpine

Antique Pearl 114



Silver Alabaster Shadowstone 20

Capers Island 10

Antique Pearl 122

White Elk Moss 40 Special Cut into Strip by Mason for POH FP

Old Edisto 51

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